Add theater, film and technology to magic, fantasy and clownery. Get the Outsider.

The Outsider employs comedy, tragedy and absurd situations to make spectators reflect on the modern human being’s way of living and alienation from life. “The character of the Outsider and the performance were born out of a play of ideas: how would a naive, childlike character experience the phenomena of the modern world when encountering them for the first time. How would he regard people and their ways and habits, their love and capacity for evil”, Raudaskoski tells.

The Outsider is a fantasy for grown-ups where theatre and film come together by means of magic, technology and clownery. The performance evokes the visual style of the silent films by Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton, simultaneously taking them into a contemporary format – in full colour and stunning 4D!

“The Outsider examines our lifestyle and reaches to the core of our fundamentally violent nature. The script is concise and executed in a fluid, flowing style. The stage set consists of two video displays and a door – nothing more. The character played by Raudaskoski dives in and out of the electronic images in a way that almost makes one forget they are video recordings. What emerges as the most miraculous element of The Outsider, however, is Janne Raudaskoski’s ability to adapt to the numerous different roles. But I will say no more – everyone is strongly advised to go and see the performance for themselves! -Helsingin Sanomat

“I cannot remember when was the last time I laughed out loud in a theatre, gasped with amazement and shouted ‘Bravo!’ in the end.” –Audience feedback




The Outsider trailer


The Outsider promotional trailer


Yle Aamu-tv interview.